Thursday, September 10, 2015

5 reasons why you should be an accountant

Hi, welcome to my website. As you know, there is a lot important jobs in the world and sometimes not enough specialized individuals to fill them. In this article, you'll read why you should choose to be an accountant. The job is not only a job, but it's also a tool for your futureAn accountant is someone who manages the books of the business and to make sure that the business is not wasting money and make a profit. Here is the 5 reasons why you should become an accountant.  

1.       You will never be afraid of not having work. 
The field of accounting is used in all businesses. All workplaces need an accountant to oversee their budget. A good accountant will help maximize profits since he will look at all expenses and income, calculating where you could cut or where you should expand for a profit. The employers usually place the accountant in a high position of esteem and trust since he can save him a lot of money. 

2.       You'll be someone who can help others. 
You will help the company take the right decision using their turnover; you will evaluate their business and give advice appropriately. You will be helpful not only for a company in which you work for, but for your friends and your loved ones as well. For example, when tax season comes, you can do it for your family either for free. This will be very appreciated from you since they will not need to hire an accountant to do your tax returns, saving them money. 

3.       You can create your own company. 
No need to hire an expert since you are one. You will do your budget, turnovers and will canvas your budget. So instead of paying $18.30 for an employee in the field of accounting. You will save a lot of money by making your own turnovers and on the hiring cost of an accountant (since you can be both the boss and the accountant!). 

4.       Jobs in accounting are usually pretty secure 
There's a very, very low chance to be injured at work since most jobs in accounting has good security measures, either it be in the work process of the employees or simply building related. A bank is a pretty secure place to work at; alarms, guards, good safety procedures, etc. You'll not be working in a drug store in some bad neighborhood. 

5.       You'll be paid well. 

The last, and in my opinion one of the best, is that you'll be paid well, not like you'd be if you worked at Mc Donald’s. In the private sector, you'll start around $18.30 per hour and can go up to $33.82 per hour in average. In the public sector, you'll start around $21.33 per hour and with the possibility to earn $32.09 per hour later on. Now if you plan to do a lot of studies and want to teach other people in college or university, here's where the pay gets crazy, to go along the time you'll spend in school to get there. You'll start at $60.40 per hour and up to the huge pay that is $1352.74 per week in some English universities after you've obtained your Ph. D. and had it for some time. There's even some other professions that range from $18.60 to $33.09 per hour if you're interested in some specific jobs that are maybe in some other sectors.


In conclusion, you should become an accountant because you'll always have work in the industry, you'll be able to help others if you like, you can create and manage properly your own company, you’ll be able to feel safe in almost all the jobs and finally, you'll be paid well (even really well if you want to invest the time in school). I think those are pretty good reasons to become an accountant, so what are you waiting for?
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  1. Really good, very easy to understand. You made me think of the switch hahahha Good reasons !!